Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know how difficult it is to find the right accommodations, especially if you don’t speak the language of the host country. The same problem arises for the Spanish-speaking individual who is trying to find a good hotel room in the United States. It isn’t easy to obtain information from an American who speaks only English.

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Iraq War Claims 4000 US Lives

The Second Iraq War has now claimed 4000 U.S. lives and an unknown number of Iraqi soldiers and civilians. The war now seems to be reigniting. Who knows how many will have to die before the end of the American occupation. Bush apparently has no plan other than hanging on long enough to let a new president deal with the problem Bush and his neocon team have caused. Ultimately, the U.S. withdrawal may resemble that in Vietnam. No one in the Bush administration wants to acknowledge that it turned a stable country into a nightmare.

Red Sox Win Opener

The Boston Red Sox looked strong as they won their season opener with the Oakland Athletics 6-5. The trip was a bit of a commute for Red Sox fans, given that the game was played in Tokyo at 6:00 AM Boston time. Most fans didn't make the trip, finding it difficult to even climb out of bed and find their war to the Cask 'n Flagon, a bar near Fenway Park.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Consider Bullion

Today’s financial market is especially troubling for investors. Problems with the sup-prime real-estate market threaten the entire financial system. What should a careful investor do? This may be a good time to consider putting some of your savings into gold or silver bullion.

For thousands of years, people have conserved their wealth by converting it to gold. In the present era, the Monex Deposit Company (MDC) makes it possible for the general public to buy gold bullion. Many investors like to purchase American eagle coins. One can also purchase gold ingots.

At present, silver may be especially attractive to investors. Yearly demand for silver now exceeds production. The world’s silver reserves are growing smaller and may soon drop to nothing. As is true with gold, silver is available in either coin or ingot form.

For over thirty years, MDC has made it convenient for investors to purchase precious metals in either coin or ingot form. Monex can provide safe delivery or arrange for secure storage in a bank or depository.

MDC's large professional staff can provide the best service possible to its customers. Regardless of the form the gold or silver takes or the type of storage desired, Monex offers both convenience and competitive prices to all investors.

Cubs Win

In today's game against the Padres, Jason Marquis gave up a three-run homer in the first inning, then sent the next eleven batters back to the dugout without a hit. The Cubs held on to win 7-3.

For the Cub offense, Aramis Ramirez and Ryan Theriot provided the heroics. Ramirez hit a two-run single, and Theriot hit a three-run double. Theriot went two out of three for the day. Marquis helped his own cause with a one-run single in the first inning.

Today's game took place in Peoria, Arizona.

Iraq War

The Second Iraq War has now lasted for five years and shows no sign of ending. What were our leaders thinking? The First Iraq War lasted only a short time because it consisted of only an invasion. The present war has involved a short invasion and a long occupation. The neocons in the Bush administration thought the occupation would last only a short time and would cost only about $50 billion. They were mistaken about both matters. What were they thinking?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Flowers for Your Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding, you’ve probably already discovered that the whole event can cost a great deal of money. Everyone wants a nice wedding, but the average cost these days is thousands of dollars. You may have to cut costs somewhere, but no one wants to get married without flowers. Actually, you can probably afford more flowers than you realize. Just check out the prices at can supply more flowers than you ever thought you could pay for. Do you want roses for your wedding? You can have them. can send you hundreds of bulk wedding flowers. In addition to roses, you can have calla lilies, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, peonies, and many others. will send your flowers by overnight express. So they’ll arrive as fresh as possible, within no more than three days of being cut. They’ll reach your address as fast as possible and as inexpensive as possible.

If you’re going to get married, I advise you to do it only once. Have a great wedding. Live long and prosper. And don’t forget the flowers.


Great news from our rich and famous boneheads. Lindsay Lohan did not perform in a sex tape with her former boneheaded boyfriend. The woman who is actually in the tape is a yet unknown somebody from the Middle West. The ex-boyfriend also denies starring in the videotape, a tape unlikely to ever win an Academy Award.

Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer's recent fall from grace proves again that you should never commit those crimes that you yourself have so loudly condemned. If, for example, you shout that gambling is a great sin, don't spent your Sunday feeding quarters into a slot machine at the local casino.

The new governor of New York is a welcome relief. Both he and his wife admitted to marital infidelities. They didn't say they were proud of them, but they didn't preach to a sinful world when they themselves had committed the sin.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Secure Content Solutions

Nowadays, most businesses, large or small, use computers for various reasons. Even small businesses can use computers for record keeping, inventory control, and other purposes.

Although computers can be very helpful, they also present one major problem. Spam, viruses, and other forms of digital mayhem can attack and disable your computer system. You need the best protection you can find at the best price you can find. How do you pick the right protection for your needs? Consider the services of Secure Content Solutions.

Secure Content Solutions advises its clients to use Sophos for their computer-security needs. Sophos was designed specifically for business applications. It’s not the security system you need for the computer in your family room. If you install Sophos, you can count on technical support 24 hours of every day.

Sophos is also very easy to use. You don’t need a degree in computer science to make use of this product. Sophos provides its computer security to every device on your business’s network. And you can manage the entire system simply by following some easily understood instructions.

As you consider the security required for your business-computing needs, take a look at Secure Content Solutions.

Cubs Lose

Carlos Zambrano looked good as the Cubs starter today against the Giants. He gave up one unearned run in two innings of work. He gave up two hits and struck out two. Despite his good performance, the Cubs lost to the Giants 8-6. The point of spring training, of course, is not to win every game. The whole point is to get your pitchers and all other players in shape to win games when the real season begins.

So look at all this on the bright side. The Cubs picked up nine hits, but allowed two errors. Now is the time to learn how not to make errors later.

Starbucks on the Ropes

After decades of growth, Starbucks has hit a pile of serious competition. The old-fashioned mom and pop coffeehouse has driven about 100 Starbucks out of business. The company's CEO says it's time to get back to the basics, whatever those are. He wants both managers and staff to relearn whatever it was that they forgot. In my case, I don't like the company's coffee to begin with. So if they close the Starbucks down the street, I won't miss it at all.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cosmetology Schools

If you’re looking for a career in a profession that will always be in style, you should consider the possibilities in cosmetology. And when it’s time to pick a school that will teach you everything you need to know, start by looking at the very best: the Regency Beauty Institute. Regency now provides the needed training on almost 30 campuses in the United States. More locations are in the works for the coming year.

Regency training sites mimic the look and ambience of upscale salons, giving students the background they’ll need for successful careers. In turn, these students provide their services to local customers at discount prices.

The Regency Beauty Institute is growing faster than any other beauty school in the United States. This school, which got its start in Minneapolis over 50 years ago, now has campuses in nine states. Starting in 2002, Regency expanded from only two campuses into the multi-city school of today.

For more online information about a cosmetology school that rivals anything else you’ll find anywhere on the planet, visit the Regency Beauty Institute.

Red Sox Win

The Boston Red Sox got off to a quick start in the spring season by beating hapless Boston College 24-0. The game took place at Fort Myers, Florida. Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz both hit doubles in the second inning as the Sox scored eight runs. The Sox scored nine runs in the fifth inning.

Josh Beckett vanquished all six batters that he faced, striking out four. Manny Delcarmen retired all three of the hitters he faced, striking out two.

Cubs Win

This was opening day in the Cactus League, and the Cubs beat the Giants 12-6. Ryan Dempster pitched two innings for the Cubs and got the win, giving up two hits and one run (a homer). He also struck out two. Sean Gallagher then pitched two innings, striking out two while giving up two hits and one run.

At the plate, Ryan Theriot hit three singles and scored three runs. Mike Fontenot provided more fireworks with a three-run homer, and Felix Pie hit a lead-off homer in the fourth inning.

Credit Cards

I receive offers for new credit cards almost every week, and you probably receive the same offers. They arrive by either conventional mail or by e-mail. A good credit card is a great convenience. But how do you find out which credit card is best for you? The offers always emphasize the best features of a particular card, but are those the best features for you? How can you make the comparisons you need to make in order to find the right card?

As it happens, has provided online credit card comparisons for years. It enables you to find, compare, and obtain the right credit card for you. These include cards with low interest, reward cards, gas credit cards, Average Credit Credit Cards, and cards for people who may have bad credit. can help you apply for cards offered by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Find and compare cards issued by J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and many others. Whether you are a student, a consumer, or a member of the business community, can help you find the credit card that’s best for you.

Neverland II

Breaking news on Neverland! It appears that some of the trouble arises from the fact that Michael hasn't lived at Neverland for years. He moved out in 2003 after being charged with certain troublesome crimes. He was later found innocent, but he never moved back to Neverland. He left the country altogether, and when he returned he lived in Las Vegas. He pretty much abandoned Neverland, forgetting, for example, to pay the large staff the place requires.


Remember Michael Jackson? The poor chump still owes $24 million on his wacko Neverland, and guess what? He ain't got the spare change. Because of Michael's precarious financial situation, his creditors may put the pile of infantile nonsense on the auction block, and Mike will have to live under a bridge somewhere. That's the latest on one of America's favorite rich and famous boneheads.

Home Medical Supplies

If someone in your home needs medical supplies, the last thing you want to do is drive endlessly from store to store in hopes of finding what you need. Once you finally find the supplies you’re looking for, you may be too tired to find out where you can obtain the best prices. One way to simplify the whole process is to look at the firms that sell medical supplies online.

Allegro Medical is one of those firms. It was founded in 1996 as a new supplier of medical supplies. In 1998, the company began offering these supplies online at Today, Allegro Medical is one of the largest online providers of home medical supplies, with more than one million customers. provides over 55,000 products in 50 different categories. These include such items as baby products, diabetes test strips, carpal tunnel computer gloves, blood pressure monitors, shower chairs, polar heart monitors, and a great deal more. also offers products for health and fitness. These include items such as nutritional dietary supplements, exercise and fitness equipment, and outdoor gear. offers a diverse range of home medical supplies. For a closer look at all the products available, this firm makes its Allegro eCatalog available at no charge for anyone who wishes to sign up for it. Take a look. You may find exactly the home medical supplies you need.

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Accept no substitutes for the original 1946 version of The Postman Always Rings Twice. A kid needs a job and gets it, along with the boss's wife. Why not settle for the wife and leave the husband otherwise unharmed? Because this is America and the husband has the money. Don't leave this earthly life without seeing this movie, and be sure to read James M. Cain's novel. The movie is available on DVD at the usual online stores.

Mark DeRosa

Mark DeRosa underwent a radiofrequency catheter ablation Thursday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The object of this procedure was to correct the second baseman's irregular heartbeat. Dr. Alan Kadish performed the procedure.

Dr. Stephen Adams said that the procedure was a success and that Mark is now recuperating. Barring some unexpected complication, DeRosa could return to spring training in Arizona as early as Sunday and begin working out by the end of the week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Online Education Degrees

Any truly good university includes faculty members who achieve distinction in professional organizations that represent their areas of expertise. Capella University has such a faculty. Dr. Christopher Lucies has been selected as the president-elect of the Texas Mental Health Counselors Association (TMHCA).

Dr. Lucies teaches in the counseling education and counseling studies programs in Capella’s School of Human Services. Referring to his new role with the TMHCA, Dr. Lucies said. “What I have learned in my role as a faculty member at Capella University proved to be instrumental in helping me achieve this position.” As a faculty member, he has the opportunity to help each individual student in his courses earn an Online Education Degree.

Since 1993, Capella University has helped students meet their educational goals through online study. From that date to the present, Capella has grown to where it now offers bachelor’s degrees in business, information technology, and public safety. Capella also provides graduate degrees in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety. In addition, Capella offers 104 specialization areas and 15 certificate programs.

Capella University provides high-quality academic programs to more than 20,000 students from throughout the United States and 56 foreign countries. For more information about Capella’s courses and programs, logon to, or call 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552).

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep is one of the finest examples of film noir we’ll ever have. The script is based on Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled detective novel of the same title. The plot is remarkably complex, but who cares when our detective, Philip Marlowe, is entertaining us with one wise crack after another? “You’re not very tall are you?” a spoiled brat tells him. “I try to be,” Marlowe says.

Fans of the Bogart-Bacall duo will find much to please them in The Big Sleep. The dialog between these two is as steamy as Florida in July. If you’ve never seen this masterpiece, you have a treat waiting for you.


After only two months of marriage to sex star bozo Rick Salomon, actress Pamela Anderson is seeking an annulment. New Moon doesn't know what the trouble is all about. We could guess, but our guesses wouldn't make good family reading.

These two intellectual giants were hitched October 6 in Las Vegas and went to Splitsville December 13. The only memorable event in Salomon's life was the sex tape he made with Paris Hilton. No memorable events have occurred in Pam's life.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recruit an Attorney

If your business needs to hire a new attorney, you could look for the right candidate yourself, or you could turn to a recruiter with a long record of success. Before you launch your own search, which can be a long and frustrating experience, consider the services of A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. AEF has been finding the right person for the right job since 1967.

The recruiters at AEF have all completed successful careers in the fields for which they now find new employees for new jobs. These fields include legal and legal support services, communications and technology, risk management jobs, and many others. AEF finds the right candidates for these jobs nationwide. To get an idea of what AEF can do for you, take a look at its attorney jobs blog.

Before you rush out and hire the wrong person for the job with your business, contact AEF. This firm can point to a long history of discrete recruiting and successful job placement. Its recruiters have the knowledge and experience to make the best matches possible.

Double Indemnity

Raymond Chandler adapted James M. Cain's masterpiece to create a perfect screenplay. The story remains the same in both book and movie. Why would a man with a good job and no police record allow himself to be drawn into a conspiracy to commit murder? Only money or a woman could explain it, and in this case we have both. In this instance, the career of actor Fred MacMurray reveals the changing tastes that Hollywood shoves down the throats of gullible American audiences. In Double Indemnity, those audiences viewed a work of artistic merit. By the 1950's, MacMurray was reduced to the portrayal of a happy idiot in television's My Three Sons.

Kosuke Fukudome

Kosuke Fukudome is the tenth Japanese to play with an American major league team. Cubs management hopes that the $48 million it is paying him over the next four years will keep this new tradition alive. So far, the only problem reported from the Cub dugout during spring training is that the other players are having a difficult time learning how to pronouce Fukudome's name. If that's the only trouble that arises, Fukudome should have a good year. Like most Japanese, he is easy to get along with. Here at New Moon, we wish him the best.

Vacation in Mexico

It's winter in America, and it may last forever. That's how you feel in Chicago during February. First it snows. Then it gets cold. Then it snows again. Maybe it’s time for a vacation in warm Cancun, Mexico.

You may have visited Cancun before, but did you drive south from the airport along the Riviera Maya? That’s where you’ll find Karisma’s five luxury resort hotels. Until you’ve stayed at one of these resorts, you’ll never know the best of what Cancun has to offer.

If you’re ready for a luxury vacation where you’ll enjoy gourmet-inclusive meals for the discerning diner, consider one of the five Karisma resort hotels on the white-sand beaches. Add the finest accommodations, the best entertainment, and the best service possible, and you'll have all the ingredients for the best vacation of your life.

Each of Karisma’s five hotels has its separate appeal, although all of them feature gourmet-inclusive dining. The Azul Blue Resort offers its exclusive stress-free luxury suites. Just walk through the door and forget every worry in the world.

The El Dorado Royale Resort sits on a mile of white-sand beach, protected by 450 acres of tropical rain forest. The staff here is ready to indulge your every whim. If you would like a swim-up suite, one is already waiting for you.

The El Dorado Seaside Suites feature soothing water everywhere you go. Would you like a beach-bed with white-gauze curtains? You’ll find it here. If a swim-up Jacuzzi suite appeals to you, look no more.

The Azul Beach Hotel is especially attractive for families. Do you need a stroller for your little one? The staff will get you one at once. Do mom, dad, and the kids need something to drink while on the beach? Just ask a beach butler, and enjoy your drink.

Finally, there’s the Hidden Beach Resort for adults only. Here you can enjoy life au natural. Enjoy swim-up suites and 24-hour room service. Fine food is available on site or at the nearby El Dorado Seaside Suites.

If you’re ready to escape the snow and the cold, now is the time to check out Karisma’s All Inclusive Mexico vacations.